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Sign up today for your INBA Web promotional website package. Use the secure order form to the right to select your package. Thank You!

Why Create a website on the INBA Web? Simply put, people are directed to The Inland Northwest Bluegrass Association Website with a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search for "Northwest Bluegrass Bands". People looking for bluegrass and acoustic bands, either to hire, or see live, will look to the INBA site for information. Your promo visibility on the web is greatly enhanced. The web is huge...your band needs to be easily found! Secondly, having web pages within the INBA site improves the search results for your own website.

Being on the INBA website acts as an endorsement for your band. You can use the INBA website as a launch site for your MP3's and Videos, your schedule, your promo and bio packages, and as a place to advertise your own website. You can announce your presence on facebook, and find twitter followers. Increase your followers and fans in the Northwest and let them know where to find you!

With a web presence on the INBA web, you get a site that is professionally designed to make you look your best. You only need to email your info, photos, MP3's and videos, and you'll have your own personal webmaster keep your website current.

The INBA is dedicated to promoting bluegrass and acoustic music in the Inland Northwest, and throughout the greater Northwest Region of the U.S. and Canada. All income derived from this program is used to support our efforts to promote the music, and the people who make it. It is our goal to help you, and your band, gain recognition. Your Web Package helps support the Inland Northwest Bluegrass Association, which supplies bluegrass info to the public, and sponsors festivals, concerts, and workshops in the area. Amateur or Professional, local, regional, or national, the INBA web packages are designed to increase the web visibility of bands and solo artists who play acoustic, americana, oldtime, and bluegrass music.

You may also order by mail by sending a check to Inland Northwest Bluegrass Association, ATTN: Web Page Package Order, PO Box 942, Spokane, WA 99210-0942 Be sure to write the name of the package you desire on your check.

For more info or questions, email the webmaster, Jim Crowley, at email address
If you want to talk about the program, send your phone number, and I'll give you a call.

Order your web package here:

INBA Web Packages

About the Web Packages:

The Basic+ Package One Web Page, linked from the bands directory page, that contains a band or individual photo, band or individual bio description. and links to a website, facebook page, twitter account, (and/or other links to related info) plus phone & email contact information. Price: $19.95/year.

The Premium+ Package Three web pages: One entry page of the basic+ package, plus one page for a gig and concert calendar, and one page for MP3 samples, including an embedded mp3 player app. Links to CD sales included on this page. All pages are linked to each other through a menu. Price: $39.95/year.

The Deluxe+ Package Five Web pages: One home (entry) page with photos and bio, plus links, one page for MP3's and CD sales with embedded player, one page for an events (gigs and concert) calendar, one page for embedded videos and DVD sales, and one page for a photo gallery app. Includes unlimited page updates. The Deluxe+ Package includes being on the "Featured Bands" Page, and the band contact member automatically becomes an INBA member for the current calendar year. Price: $59.95/year.

The Super-Deluxe+ Package Unlimited Web pages: Photos, bio, calendar, music mp3's, links, videos, promo/press kits, press releases, CD & DVD sales, articles & reviews...a full website incorporated into the INBA site. Includes unlimited page updates. The Super-Deluxe+ Package includes being on the "Featured Bands" Page and a linked box ad in the left column of each INBA web page. And, the band contact member automatically becomes an INBA member for the current calendar year. Price: $99.95/year.

*All web pages include the menu header of the INBA website, including links to the Bands Directory Page. The Bands Directory page includes links to your INBA webpages, and all INBA bands are listed on the directory page.

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